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Get High on Sports
Join hands with us today to create better, fitter, world citizen of tomorrow In today's tech-fuelled and sedentary lifestyle kids are less physically active than before , there by affecting physical, social, mental & academic skills of this generation it at greater risk. Compromise sports facilities, lack of sports infrastructure, technology driven lifestyle and obsession in academics in schools has pushed physical activity and stamina development to the lowest priority in mainstream education.
We are proposing to rewrite the children’s health and well-being scenario in the present lifestyle and sports with a radical concept that will benefit children across the spectrum of society and catapult the health and physical fitness factor of present and future generations to come, to higher standards. We believe that a sound mind is in a sound body and therefore propose to make sports an integral part of the education of a child, by working towards developing a healthier and fitter generation with a structured, age appropriate Sports activities across the state.
  • Help children understand importance of physical fitness
  • Build discipline, self-confidence, leadership and decision making skill
  • Maximise activity during physical activity sessions
  • Helps children to take responsibility for their own activity, fitness, and health
  • Teach children self-assessment and self-planning
  • To Lay the foundation for Lifelong fitness